The Intelligence Cycle once Al-Kuwaiti was Identified

The identification of Al-Kuwaiti, known as Bin Laden’s courier, led to the series of events that took the form of a successful raid on the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The directions came from policymakers in the planning & directions phase to figure out the authenticity of the courier in leading to high-value al-Qaeda targets. The collection phase began with human intelligence, signal intelligence, and geospatial intelligence. The geospatial intelligence collection was made through the use of satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The next two phases of processing and analysis & prediction allowed for the data collection to make sense and eventually the finished form of intelligence was disseminated to consumer (policy makers) about the compound location and possibility of the high-value target being there.

The instructions from the planning & direction phase initiated with an attempt of making a particular case of the compound authenticity along with the availability of high-level target. Similarly, the raw information was collected through HUMINT, SIGINT, and GEOINT. The processing and analysis phases provided a strong case, and the information was disseminated to the policymakers. The policy makers again provided the CIA with instruction on figuring out the activities within the compound and the similar next three phases of data collection, processing, and analysis provided some level of information. Similarly, the next two cycles provided percentages of Laden’s possibility being at the compound was assessed. Once the CIA provided 60-70 percentage, followed by the ‘Red Team’ probability of 40-60 in next phase (Cozine, 2013). The policy makers eventually took the decision, and intelligence cycle made the hunt of Laden a success story.


Cozine, K. (2013). Teaching the intelligence process: The killing of Bin Laden as a case study. Journal of Strategic Security6(5), 80.


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Investment Opportunity;

– Up to 100% profit in 3 years.
– Type of investment is Property i.e. Plots which are on Installments.
– Minimum down payments starting from 300,000 Rupees (3 lac Rs.).
– Quarterly installments starting from 100,000 Rupees

Announcement copy

Location: In front of New International Airport Islamabad

Note: Booking closed for 30X60, 35X70 and 40X80 plots on Sunday- November 30, 2014.

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5 Ways of Youth participation in Democracy: Traditional VS Modern

In the last 15 months I witnessed a social change in Pakistan, which we call Democratic process. Democratic process is deep rooted, its not about change of government or successful completion of political tenor. Democratic thought is the key principal among many. Democratic values emerge in the society with common people experiencing pitfalls of it. Fruit of democracy is an awaited process but a guaranteed one. Socioeconomic development is dependent on the effort of every individual struggling to achieve something in his life. Democracy provides consensus building of the nation and strengthening Social contract through events like that of Elections (Not only General Election but election at grass-root level i.e. Decentralized mechanism).


My recommendation to my fellow youth is, 

Don’t leave your party affiliation for a day or week. Democratic values appreciates patience, pursuit of happiness, liberty and, above all, following your leader with trust. You don’t actually know what your leader might be going through while tough decision-making but its your fair right to criticism. Pluralism is the foundation stone of Democratic thought.

What are they Ways through which Youth of Pakistan can play its Role in the process of socio-political and economic development?

  1. Social Media:

    Table 1

    F for Facebookfreedom

  2. Patience:


  3. Struggle in ones life:

    abdus salam

  4. Entrepreneurship:

    mark zuckerberg

  5. Social Work:




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March in August and Democratic (r)Evolution in Pakistan

(r)Evolution! Remove “R” from the word Revolution. Nation of Pakistan is embracing it self with True Democracy through
“Evolution” process. It finally represents the maturity of Pakistani Nation, Politicians and different institutions of the country including Army, Police and Judiciary. In other words it’s the soft revolution in Pakistan that we are witnessing.

Finally, after 68 years, current generation of #Pakistan is paving its way towards socio-political and economic prosperity.

(r)Evolution! not Revolution. Finally, its the time of True Democracy in Pakistan.

(r)Evolution! not Revolution. Finally, its the time of True Democracy in Pakistan.

According to my analysis, Two options are there for resolving the political deadlock. First option will lead to Democratic stability and further lead the country to socio-economic prosperity. The second will lead to a the country to chaos in short term but that will eventually lead to true democratic development.

First option is that PM should resign and in result PTI will withdraw their second demand i.e. Mid-term election. PTI and Government will politically score ground, for the rest of the tenor, on the following two agendas;

1- Electoral reforms for the next election.
2- Judicial inquiry of 2013 Election via Judiciary.

Judicial inquiry of 2013 Election and Electoral Reforms are benchmark for the democratic development.

Judicial inquiry of 2013 Election and Electoral Reforms are benchmark for the democratic development.

According to Prime Minister of Pakistan, his resignation is not good for the country. I want to let the people understand that by “country” he means the “system” that he is in charge of. I am personally not interested in his resignation rather in the Election Reforms and Judicial inquiry of Election 2013. But democratically, both the things under the elected representatives of Election 2014 will be influenced up to a larger extend.

Is it #PTI VS #PMLN-#PPPP Alliance?
Yes in a certain way. People’s Party will definitely recommend PM to resign in order to save PTI and PMLN political career.

Traditional Political tactics

Traditional Political tactics

Second option, is case of “Crack down” and Government will loose its ground locally and in international community. PTI in result will emerge as a popular party with the sole motive of bringing True democracy in Pakistan and furthermore, Imran Khan will be creating hurdles for  PMLN government for the rest of 3-4 years. These hurdles will waste time and energy of government that can be directed towards economic development. Hence, in 2018 elections PMLN will face a severe defeat in Punjab province and Pakistan.

Jamat-e-Islami (JI), is and will remain biased towards PTI but simultaneously working for democracy. It is because of the coalition government in KPK province and it’s socio-economic and political motives, which are very much honest and close to PTI manifesto.

Message to Pakistan via State Department's deputy spokesperson Marie Harf

Message to Pakistan via State Department’s deputy spokesperson Marie Harf

USA and other countries of the west supported Democracy in Pakistan, they didn’t said they are supporting the government. Only Indian government message is in support of the current government. The statement from deputy spokesperson Marie Harf indicates that they are very much clear that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) demands are Just. They are only afraid of any situation where PAT and PTI workers or any external factors threatens the security of Diplomatic enclave and all the other regional offices of International Organizations and Embassies. Red zone basically consists of offices that includes most of foreigners. They don’t want repetition of any type of incident that took place during Iranian revolution where the Revolutionaries made US Embassy officials hostage for 444 days.

From so many days, the people in Inqalaab March and Azadi March are peaceful and democratic. Deputy spokesperson Marie Harf speech was after couple of days of the PAT-PTI violation of Red zone, which indicates that they are very much relaxed now.

If the political deadlock is politically solved, Pakistan image in world will be more positive then before. International community will treat Pakistan as country with Democratic maturity.

And on the stance of Civil disobedience I have to quote Vladimir Lenin,

The Idea of Imran khan to announce civil disobedience is a Revolutionary Theory.

The Idea of Imran khan to announce civil disobedience is a Revolutionary Theory.

A beautiful reply by a Facebook friend that supports my argument related to civil disobedience movement by PTI,

Hence, Imran Khan strategy to announce is Civil Disobedience movement is tactic of building Political Pressure.

Hence, Imran Khan strategy to announce Civil Disobedience movement is tactic of building Political Pressure.

Hence, Announcement of ‘civil disobedience’ movement is a tactic to insert pressure further pressure on the government, through both local and international channels.

Army didn’t won’t to interfere in Pakistan democracy but as a silent player they are with the remaining PTI on the agenda of Electoral Reforms in Pakistan.

excluding PM resignation (point 1) and immediate Mid term Elections (point 2) 6 points.

As i write this article, Negotiations are in progress at Islamabad Marriott Hotel. Let’s see I hope its the time we hear some Good news for the Nation that suffered politically and economically over the span of sixty eight years.

I wish the Celebrations didn’t get further delay.

Irony of our Nation is like a Giant elephant with mental slavery

Irony of our Nation is like a Giant elephant with mental slavery

Hamaari qaum ki misaal is haathi ki c ha k jis k paao mein zanjir bandh di gai thei bachpan mein aur woh isei torh nahi saka tha. Leikin jeisei bara huwa Tou is nei Yei zanjir nahi torhi q k yeh Zehni Ghulam hogya bachpan sei he aur is nei ghulami ko apna muqaddar maan liya.

Imran Khan remains the true leader. It’s Imran Khan, who brought democracy back in Pakistan. Yes! approximately 60% turnover in Election of 2013 was result of Imran Khan’s effort in boosting trust of the Nation in Democracy.

Kaptaan! A true leader not only politician.

Kaptaan! A true leader not only politician.

Imran khan inserted successful political pressure on the govt. and it’s fairly depicted from the statements of Ch. Nisar (Interior Minister of Pakistan) where he said, “Pakistan is a Development country” and “Civil disobedience is technically wrong term” and here are my tweets of that Day;

My views on Press briefing by Interior Minister Ch. Nisar

My views on Press briefing by Interior Minister Ch. Nisar

I believe and recommend that Interior Minister should learn basics of History, Economics and Political Science.

Mustafa Kashif, a young Vocalist/Songwriter and political activist, presented his argument in a status.

Civil disobedience is one of the many ways people have rebelled against what they deem to be unfair laws. It has been used in many nonviolent resistance movements in India (Gandhi’s campaigns for independence from the British Empire), in Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution and in East Germany to oust their communist governments,in South Africa in the fight against apartheid, in the American Civil Rights Movement, in the Singing Revolution to bring independence to the Baltic countries from the Soviet Union, recently with the 2003 Rose Revolution in Georgia and the 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine, among other various movements worldwide. Acts of civil disobedience are not only more likely to undermine the effectiveness of the law, but are often intended to do just that. So stop calling this an immature act, because this isn’t the first time someone has called for Civil Disobedience.
#PTI #NayaPakistan

Military theory!

Matter of routine! that is why its called line of control.

Matter of routine! that is why its called line of control.

It can be fake news. A doctrine known for distracting the nation attention from internal conflicts, towards outside common enemy (portrayed) at critical situation. It’s a mind game, which our Media plays very beautifully. If it’s so than one can easily say that, govt. Is hell terrified!

My concluding remarks:

In order to progress socio-economic and politically, “Current Democracy” will take 20 years and the “Reformed Democracy” will take 5 years.

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What is your reply?

I am writing an article on India and Pakistan peace possibilities. Please take out some time and participate in following poll.

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Youth of Pakistan Today: Exploring Traditional and New Dynamics

Writing an article on Youth Day, on behalf of Pakistani youth, one week before do not seems appropriate to me. What I am feeling today and what I am witnessing today, in comparison to past is much important for this day (International Youth Day) and the days to come.

I still remember Pakistan’s Nuclear Test on May 28, 1998 (Youm-e-Takbeer) and Military coup in 1999 by Chief of Army Staff Gen. Pervez Musharraf. image

I remember the debates at Mainstream media about Democracy and people dying for this cause. Today, at the age of 25 years I understand the true meaning of Marshall Law but many of young voters who voted for the first time in 2013 election literally don’t. Peace and prosperity in Pakistan is not matter of a year or two of democracy. Democracy is not responsible for 67 years historic mistakes.  Indeed it’s very much true that democracy is a long process and we did tolerate for good 5 years of People’s Party regime without any significant economic growth but we did show positive development in legislation. It was true democracy that resulted in consensus on devolution of political and financial power and delegation of administrative authority to lower tiers of society i.e. provincial, district and tehsil levels.

On February 18, 2018 I along with many of my youth mates witnessed first elections and we did vote for democracy. We again voted on May 11, 2013 but many of youth members did it for the first time and what they only remember is 5 years of PPPP. Unfortunately, they don’t know how the Military looks like and how it feels to be ruled under a 21 grade uniformed officer with Military at his disposal and no true representatives of nation at any policy making level. Military and Bureaucracy, together ruling over the entire nation and pleasing Major Powers of the world on one hand and Industrialists-Landlords-Investors nexus on the other hand. I remember how the ruling elite of Pakistan reacted to 9/11 attack but unfortunately an 18-20 years old guy with no knowledge of history, politics and international relations don’t. That’s why today millions of people, including Youth of Pakistan are favoring Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) in toppling the democratically elected government and giving another chance to Military to take over. Our nation, so do our Youth have such a Short memory.

Khaleel Tetlay, 58 years old Senior but YOUNG Development Practitioner, commented to my Facebook post related to “youth of Pakistan” in one sentence, “Ask yesterday’s youth!”
Upon my further query He elaborated in these words, “Those who say that the youth is the future are usually key stakeholders who do nothing and then easily pass the buck to the next generation while they make bucks to ensure sustainability of the western banking system!”

Blaming Youth for their thoughts is not Justice though. Old generations didn’t prove themselves as heroes for coming generations of Pakistan to come. Youth is blank and facing Identity crises but blindly inheriting Identities of Pakistan and Islam. In one of my encounters with a friend on Facebook couple of minutes ago proved my hypothesis.

Mehran Afridi, a young guy enrolled in MS Development Studies program at Iqra University Islamabad and belonging to Khyber Agency also commented on my Facebook post and shared his feeling in these words, “Today youth cries n shouts for elite personalities, celebrities and heroes of West but no one cares for those who die from hunger and drones in the East. Their count is in thousands but no one cares. We all are humans but unfortunately there is no humanity.”

Apart from what youth thinks and what are the traditional and modern thoughts, the difference I have observed between 2008 and 2013 election is not only the transfer of power from Military to democracy and latterly first Democratic transition, but the empowerment of Youth through Virtual networks. Social Media happened to be social capital for the entire youth of the Nation. Youth educated each other on How to correctly vote; debated on whom to vote and moreover made accountable the elected representatives, in aftermath of the election, at their each decision influencing internal and external policy.

I am sure we have taken first step for democracy but we did it couple of times in history, not just once. The only difference between Past and present is the new world of Social Media where Pakistani Youth have proved themselves.  They had the freedom to share their views, organize peaceful gatherings virtually, discuss why and whom to vote in elections, when the private institutes do not allow student Political parties to operate within university premises. Moreover, Govt. institutes have outdated system of democracy for student Political parties. Youth historically played a vital role in political movements to bring democracy in Pakistan but that was not peaceful. It is the era of Social Media that made possible Peaceful participation of Youth in Political development of the country and binging back democracy in Pakistan.

Apart from technological changes, we still have thoughts against it. I won’t say its true or not, I will not comment without any logic or fact being a Young research and media analyst. As I said earlier that I randomly collected some input from youth representatives. So here is one more against ICT’s use:

Ahmad Riyzah Fawad, an energetic 23 years old young guy from a university in Islamabad said “Systematic slavery of youth is going on through Social Networks, Corporate media, Technology, and other inorganic food product. Whereas, the new generation is not aware of the fact that they are under the global eye and their future is decided by a system that they don’t know. They are under spell of rising apathy, numbness toward culture, religion and true roots and there’s much more we even don’t know.

Way Forward?
I don’t know what’s way forward for our youth but one thing is for sure that there’s no other way out for us, except “Democracy”. Democracy might not be the perfect system for humanity but there’s no way out. Let’s stay intact to intellectual evolution of human mind that has provided us with a political system for good governance. Ah! but our old generation has brought down the debate of Democracy-Dictatorship to the young generation of Pakistan and I have no idea when will this mystery be solved.

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Master Ayub,” Teacher of the Nation”- Hopeful in Hopeless situation!

(Post Under Construction)

I remember it was 2010, when i moved to Islamabad for the sake of higher Education. It was the same year when the corporate and social media gave a hype to a teacher. I was one of those who got impressed and tried to seek the teacher ‘Master M. Ayub’ and render my services. Later, the intensity of Media hype motivated me to contact him, as i had high faith in the Media. Still the desire to meet Master Ayub was there some where in my heart.

Yesterday afternoon, I was coming on walk in order to take Cab after attending a Seminar on ‘Islam and Buddhism: analysis of East Asian countries’ at sector F-6/3, Islamabad-Pakistan and there i found couple of kids in ground with couple of teachers teaching in a rural fashion. I entered the ground and asked a 50 years old man about the kids. I asked, ‘Who are the kids and why are they sitting in columns here’. The person was accompanied by a lady and a guy. Lady was seeking his counselling in regard to his son who studies in grade 10 and she was really worried about his son because he wasn’t taking interest in studies. The Master (M. Ayub) assured her that his issue will be resolved and told her not to worry. The lady left and Master said to me, ‘okay now i will tell you what’s happening’. He said, ‘Son! my name is Master Ayub and i teach those kids for free, that can’t afford to study’. I immediately shaked hand once again with him and told him that i know him and there’s no need to introduce himself to me anymore.

I immediately asked,

am a young researcher, online journalist and Social Worker. In my 23 years of age, i have witnessed many ups and downs. I belong to a far flung district Karak in KPK province of Pakistan. Khattak tribe is the one residing in this district. This tribe is the most educated tribe of Pashtuns and the district is in top education ranking of Pakistan. So, whatever the circumstances were, i always loved to learn and relearn.

Teacher(s) is the one who trains new generation. A highly respected profession, in all religions and cultures. I always respected the teachers in my entire career, though i was well popular for criticising teachers who spoiled the respectful profession for the sake of making only money out of it at the cost of Youth itself.

Finally met Master Ayub. We had a wonderful discussion and I am looking to lend my full support in favour of his cause, that should be the cause of the nation as a whole. Access to Education!

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